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Find data published by Ghana's national and local government, and public bodies to help you understand what we do, and build products and services

Welcome to Ghana's Open Data Catalog

This site is designed to provide access to timely and relevant data from various ministries and agencies. The portal was built using DKAN, a Drupal-based open data tool with a full suite of cataloguing, publishing and visualization features that allows governments, non-profits and universities to easily publish data to the public.


Data is only valuable when it is being used to solve a problem or create opportunities for people. In the light of this, the National Information Technology Agency together with Mobile Web Ghana and SBC4D is organizing a Data Upload Challenge and Hackathon. Government Ministries, Departments, and Agencies will upload data unto the newly revamped Ghana Open Data Portal and during the Hackathon data scientists, statisticians, journalists, software developers etc. will use the data provided to develop innovative data visualizations, data stories and software solutions to tackle the problems that these government institutions face. Follow the link to register (as a team or individual) to participate in the hackathon