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Ghana's Open Data Initiative is a government platform to ensure public accessibility of all data which we collect, subject to ensuring that we consider the privacy rights of individuals.
Our open data initiative is here to support the following:
Better governance and delivery of public services attributable to:
• more evidence-based decision-making
• higher levels of information sharing and co-ordination between government agencies
• increased transparency and accountability of public officials and the use of public funds.

Socio-economic development attributable to:
• reuse of open data to create new information products and services
• innovation and new insights gained by combining open data with other data sources
• empowering citizens to make better choices or for social mobilization.

Ghana Open Data Initiative (GODI) is led by the National Information Technology Agency (NITA) under the Ministry of Communications of Ghana. The GODI secretariat is the focal place at NITA to coordinate the initiative and respond to queries from the data user community.

The Ghana Open Data Initiative (GODI) started in 2012 after an Open data readiness assessment report indicated Ghana was ready for the open data initiative. With the support of the Web Foundation, Ghana began its initiative and rollout out its first data catalogue in September 2012 early enough for the Data Journalism Bootcamp organized by World Bank Institute and Google in collaboration with Africa Media Foundation. The first portal was developed on the OGPL platform provided by the US and India Open Data Initiative by the GODI technical team. In March 2013, the team improved the data catalogue with additional functionalities of visualizing data online and fully incorporated the community engagement platform.
In December 2014, the World Bank included the revamp of the initiative under the e-Transform Ghana project. The revamp project started in July 2018 and ended in April 2019. The following deliverables were fulfilled during the revamp:
1. A draft National Data Sharing (Open Data incorporated) policy.
2. Revised National Open data Readiness Assessment Report.
3. Reboot and upgraded open data portal (data catalogue).
4. 154 trained government employees from 20 Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDAs) in data management (intermediate and advanced), data publication, Open Data legal and policy issues and change management
5. Open Data ecosystems Data Upload and Hackathon event on data use.
The GODI secretariat is currently engaging with stakeholders to provide input for the upload of relevant datasets for the open data community in Ghana. One of the key engagements by the Secretariat is the Open Data Academic Outreach within the academic community to get the community to participate actively in the Ghana open data revolution. The Secretariat is also engaging MDAs to upload relevant datasets for the data user community in Ghana.