open data n. data that anyone can freely access, use,
modify and share for any purpose (subject, at most, to
requirements that preserve provenance and openness).
Open data can be published by governments (‘open
government data’), researchers (‘open research data’)
or by corporations (‘open corporate data’).

Ghana's Open Data Initiative is a government platform to ensure public accessibility of all data which we collect, subject to ensuring that we consider the privacy rights of individuals.

Our open data initiative is here to support the following:

Better governance and delivery of public services attributable to:

  • more evidence-based decision-making
  • higher levels of information sharing and co-ordination between government agencies
  • increased transparancy and accountability of public officials and use of public funds.

Socio-economic development attributable to:

  • reuse of open data to create new information products and services
  • innovation and new insights gained by combining open data with other data sources
  • empowering citizens to make better choices or for social mobilisation.